Underride Accidents

Have you or a loved one been involved in an underride collision with a truck?

Crashes between tractor-trailer trucks and passenger vehicles are always very serious events, particularly for the occupants of the passenger vehicles. According to the Fatal Accident Reporting System (FARS), the federal government’s statistical database of fatal crashes, 94% of deaths that occur from car-truck crashes are to the occupants of the passenger vehicle.  This is not surprising given the sheer size and weight of a tractor-trailer truck compared to a passenger vehicle.

A very serious type of car-truck crash, known as an underride, increases the probability that death or injury will occur. An underride crash is a type of crash in which a portion of a passenger vehicle slides under another vehicle. And while underrides can occur between two passenger automobiles, these types of crashes are more common and often fatal between a large truck and a passenger vehicle.

These types of crashes can occur when a truck jackknifes and other vehicle underrides  the side of the truck.  Also, in a multiple car pileup for instance, cars can be pushed under the rear of large trucks by the impact of cars hitting them from behind.  Often the car slides so far under the truck, the truck actually enters the passenger area of the vehicle, crushing the roof and any protection it provided to the passengers.

Because of the high fatality rate for underride accidents, some advocacy groups are pushing for increased safety initiatives to protect passenger vehicles in the event of such a crash.  Some of these initiatives include, front and side truck underride protective requirements, as well as improved rear underride guards.  It is thought that providing these safety features will lessen the impact of these types of crashes and lead to reduced fatalities.

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